SquareHub Optimized for Amazon Fire Smartphone

SquareHub part of exclusive list of optimized apps at Amazon’s new smartphone unveiling

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We’re thrilled to announce that SquareHub has been selected as part of exclusive list of optimized apps at Amazon’s new smartphone unveiling. We’ve been working with Amazon for the past several months to bring the power of SquareHub to Amazon’s brand new phone and we couldn’t be more excited!

The new Amazon Fire phone is poised to “wow” users with its rich display and time-saving features. From the 3D effects to the motion gestures to the large display, Amazon has done with their smartphone what they did with e-readers with Kindle and ordering via 1-Click.  They mastered making things fast, easy and convenient to the delight of customers.

With the new Amazon Fire phone’s Dynamic Perspective feature, users can access the menu, see recent activity and read their family newsfeed just by moving the phone. State of the art motion gestures and head tracking capabilities give users quick, efficient access to messages and help them respond much faster—without having to touch, swipe and tap their way through information. The phone’s 3D display delivers SquareHub in a compelling and immersive experience unparalled by any other phone on the market.

With this new phone, SquareHub is the only family social network that allows families to exchange messages, share photos, directly buy things they need, coordinate schedules, manage family tasks and share location information seamlessly between the new Amazon Fire phone, Amazon Kindle Fire tables, plus Apple and Android phones and tablets.  In an era when technology often separates family members, SquareHub brings reconnects them via the smartphone or tablet of their choice.

We look forward to adding Amazon Fire phone to all the devices that makes families connect better with SquareHub.  Please share your thoughts and feedback!


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About Dave Cotter

Dave is the co-founder and CEO of family social network SqureHub. SquareHub allows families send private messages, share photos, coordinate schedules, and exchange location information seamlessly between the smartphone and tablet of their choice, yet privately. Prior to SquareHub, Dave worked as a General Manager at Amazon where he lead combined technology and business teams for the Amazon Product Advertising API, Amazon’s first Web Service and Amazon Associates, the webs most popular and successful affiliate advertising program. Before that, he founded the online advertising startup Mpire/AdXpose. He's a former entrepreneur-in-residence at venture capital firm Ignition, and previously worked at RealNetworks, Oracle and Microsoft. He has three daughters and lives in Seattle, Washington.